Services now provided by Rocky Bay

Rocky Bay now provide services previously delivered by the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Western Australia (SBHAWA).

If you, or anyone you know, is living with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, then please call our customer engagement team on (08) 9383 6113 to discuss support available.

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SBHAWA Newsletter

This new-look publication has replaceed Caliper and will be published monthly.  If anyone has any suggestions for content or articles, please contact Jacinta on 9346 7525.  The Newsletter can be found in the Members Zone.  We hope you enjoy reading it.

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Carers WA ‘Linking Together’ Social Support Groups

Carers WA are holding monthly events in rural and metro starting July 2013 areas to encourage new and old carers to have some respite and re-connect with the community and friends.  The events are held as following:

Margaret River  When:  First Thursday of each month at 10.30 am

Busselton  When:  Third Thursday of each month at 10.30 am

Bunbury  When:  Fourth Thursday of each month 2pm – 3pm

Please RSVP for confirmation of venue to Carers WA on 1300 227 377 or visit

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New Innovations in Reproductive Health for people with Spina Bifida

For the first time in the United States, a surgical procedure has been performed to “establish feeling in the penis for men with Spina Bifida” with an amount of success.  The surgery is also being assessed to see if it can assist women with Spina Bifida to increase nerve impulses in a similar manner.

For further information please visit the following website:

The full article is available in the Journal of Urology.

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New Innovation in Microvalve Technology for Hydrocephalus

An article released by the Arizona State University in  the United States, reports the invention of a new microvalve  for use in treating Hydrocephalus.  According to the article, the valve shows “marked improvements in safety and reliability, valve sealing, leakage and failure rate” (Arizona State University, 2012).  For more information, click here.  At the current time the patent for the device is pending.

Information re-printed by kind permission of Dr John Goodman, Arizona State University.


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